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Pro Logic Building & Rope Access Solutions are specialists in the Roofing industry with both domestic and commercial customers.

We do a lot of work with new housing and office projects because of the extensive knowledge we have and the fact that we offer Rope Access Solutions for tall buildings in the country, see our Rope Access page for more information.

Our team add the finishing touch to a building in the way of a roof which is made up of one of the following:

Single Ply

This is mostly used for flat roofs as it is durable, strong and long lasting.

Single Ply is one of the most waterproof materials in the construction industry so it is perfect for flat roofs as they have a bad reputation for leaks.

This material also has an outstanding UV-Ray resistance. Depending on your requirement, it is available in TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin), PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and EPDM (ethylene propylene diene M-class rubber). Single Ply is an economic option for covering vast roof surfaces so choosing single ply will future-proof your building.

Hot Melt Rubber Roofing

Another favourite for flat roofs as it is effective against leaks and water damage. It is applied rapidly and the finish provides a monolithic membrane for structural waterprooofing.Here are three different ways in which we can apply rubber to your roof:

  • Torch Application

    This allows for a molding effect of the materials to the roof. It involves using flame thrower torches to melt the asphalt. This in turn creates one large rubber sheet.

  • Mop Application

    This method involves applying the rubber materials to the roof after it has been mopped with hot asphalt.

  • Glue Application

    The simple but effective use of roofing glue to adhere the rubber to the roof.

Slate, Tile & Lead Roofing

The number one building material, Lead is the green option for all pitched roofs. Lead is a truly sustainable option, it ages beautifully and no man-made product carries ageing characteristics like it. For slating and tiling, there is a choice of concrete, clay or good quality synthetic products, or a natural slate. Pro Logic Building & Rope Access Solutions have a great reputation for restoring slate roofs, of which it is a fine art.

Once the roof is up, most homeowners will want to insulate it, to prevent heat escaping. Most people find that insulating their roof and cavity walls pays for itself within a few years.

We can talk to you about solar panels and new windows and doors too, no job is too small.

So, for all your roofing needs, contact the experts at Pro Logic Building & Rope Access Solutions on 01344 829983 and receive a free home visit and no obligation quotation.